The perfect present for all Christmas and beer lovers!

This fancy gift box presents a wide variety of German beer styles. Don’t miss out on Dark Bock, Weizen, Smoked Beer, German Pilsner, Zwickl, German Lager, Pale Ale and Maerzen Bavarian Style. The practical handle makes it easy to carry.

Beer cans are becoming more and more popular

The can is enjoying ever-increasing popularity as a beer container. And rightly so, because the can protects the contents particularly well from light and can be cooled more quickly.

The 0.5l cans are packed in a beautiful gift box in briefcase format.

A great gift for any occasion

The practical carrying handle makes this beer box the perfect gift for any occasion.

Kalea works exclusively with privately owned breweries. The beers are not available in regular retail stores, which is particularly interesting for beer can collectors