Orchid Liqueurs

Blending the finest fresh fruit with smooth premium neutral grain spirits, Orchid has created the finest fruit liqueurs available!

Available in 5 exotic flavours – Mango, Lychee, Guava, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate – each eye-catching bottle contains up to 75% real fruit.

Let your imagination run wild creating food and drink recipes with Orchid Liqueurs. The possibilities are endless! Try everything from a Lychee Mojito or Mango cheesecake, to a refreshing Guava Sorbet.

Orchid is different from all other fruit liqueurs because with Orchid, there is real fruit puree in each bottle!


Orchid Mango

Source: Alphonso Mangoes are grown in Devgad in the Kokan region of Maharashtra and are the most expensive amongst the sub-breeds of Alphonso Mangoes in India.

Fruit characteristic: Alphonso Mangoes are limited in supply and exploding with intense sweet aroma, these mangoes have a very robust flavor and pleasant mouth feel.

Taste profile: The color is deep, tropical orange, thick and nectar like in appearance. The nose is amazingly fresh and pure. The palate is intense and lush with a refreshing tart edge. Texturally this liqueur is incredibly rich and thick being nearly chewy. The intensity of
flavors is surely best suited as an addition to a fresh cocktail, added to Prosecco, or simply cut with soda and ice.

Alcohol: 16% vol

Sizes: 50ml, 500ml, 750ml


Orchid Lychee

Source: China, Thailand

Fruit characteristic: Small pearl shaped fruit with rosy red skin and an inner white, semi – translucent flesh.

Taste profile: Pale green, similar in color to grapefruit juice while semi-milky coating the glass when swirled. The nose is fresh with ripe tropical fruit notes with accents of lime. The palate is rich and silky with intense ripe flavors of lychee, apricot, and peach with accents of citrus. Ideal for a variation of the classic Bellini.

Alcohol: 16% vol

Sizes: 50ml, 500ml, 750ml


Orchid Guava

Source: Hawaii, Malaysia

Fruit characteristic: Small round fruit with smooth pink skin and tiny edible seeds imbedded in its flesh.

Taste profile: Deep, peach color, dense and opaque coating the sides of the glass. The nose is filled with the scents of ripe, sweet orchard and tropical fruits. The palate echoes the nose being ultra lush and thick. Make your own flavored Vodka.

Alcohol: 13% vol

Sizes: 50ml, 500ml, 750ml


Orchid Pomegranate

Source: Middle East, California

Fruit characteristic: Ruby Red outer skin filled with tiny seeds each containing the fruit that is sweet and sour to taste, with healthful antioxidant properties.

Taste profile: Bright cherry red and crystal clear. The nose is filled with the scent of fresh crushed red berries, cranberry, and semi-tart pomegranate. The palate confirms the nose offering waves of ripe berries with accents of citrus, tart cherry, and a hint of vanilla. Great length, complexity and balance. Nearly endless list of applications.

Alcohol: 14% vol

Sizes: 50ml, 500ml, 750ml


Orchid Passion Fruit

Source: Ecuador, Africa

Fruit characteristic: Passion fruit is round to oval, yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm juicy interior filled with numerous seeds.

Taste profile: A bright color being a cross between carrot and burnt orange. Thick and viscous coating the glass. The nose is fresh with the scents of ripe passion fruit with hints of vanilla and citrus. The palate echoes the nose being lush while vibrant and semi-tart begging the next sip. Complex and ideally balanced.

Alcohol: 15.5 % vol

Sizes: 50ml, 500ml, 750ml

Orchid Liqueurs